Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty


Friday, July 21, 2017

July Gifted Gorgeouness

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm late as usual posting for GG.  This is being hosted by Jo.  We all have projects that have been gifted to us or pieces that we are doing as gifts.  The magazine was gifted to me by our wonderful hostess.  I finished mini London and started mini New York.  The last one in the set.  The bottom fabric is the same color as the top one.

New York has a lot of large sections of color so I plan on getting it done in the next few months.  IF I do I will start Marie Antoinette for this SAL which will probably take me about 10 years to complete.

The weather turned nasty hot again and my 4 month headache is really beginning to agitate me.  Needless to say, I spend a lot of time laying on the bed with the AC and fan on.  I have finished a small that I'll post at the end of the month.  I have also been working on Hatter.  I only have about 6000 stitches left but when I am only managing maybe a 100 stitches a day its going to take me forever to finish.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving me such sweet comments.   Linda

Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Smalls SAL and Longest Day SAL

Hi Blogger Friends.  I'm a couple days late with the Smalls SAL.  At least I got one done this month.  This is being hosted by Heather of Stitching Lotus.

Finish 15
Mini London - Satsuma Street
14 ct Delft Blue
Started 10-12-15
Finished 7-1-17

I seem to be doing the same thing that I've done for the last several summers.  NOT STITCH MUCH
I live in the Sierra Nevada foothills at about 1200' elevation.  In the last 3 weeks we had 11 days straight at over a 100.  We had a few nice days but now we're going back into the very high 90's.  What was worse at night it only cooled down to the low 90's or high 80's. Needless to say, not much stitching got done.  My legs were not very happy.  I did sorta do Jo's Longest Day SAL except mine was a Longest Day stitch-a-thon.  It took me 5 days to work on 16 projects.

1 - 4  Halloween Rules by Lizzie Kate

5 - 8  Same

9 - 12  Same

13 - 16  Flip-it Stamps by Lizzie Kate.  I just stitched the borders.

Just for fun today I counted my 750 UFO's by designer.  These are the top ones:  Lizzie Kate 215
Heart in Hand 76, Prairie Schooler 50 and Little House Needleworks/Country Cottage Needleworks 47.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to post an update on something next Sunday.    Linda